SNOW — Mega Bundle

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- The full 1080p feature film (77 min)
- Snow: The Video Game (Windows, 9MB)
- Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Robby Duguay (37 mins, 320kb MP3)
- Snow: Complete Edition graphic novel (165 pg PDF)
- Feature film with director, comic artist and cast commentary (77 min)
- Makeup for Black & White Cinema: Special with Snow's makeup artist (3 min)
- "Do You Like Nachos?" Non-canon scene (3:30 min)
- "It's like licking the inside of a fire cracker," Blooper Reel (7 min)
- Toronto Comic Arts Fest 2014 panel talk (48:30 min)
- Audition self-tape: Kira Hall for Julia (3 min)
- Alternate opening sequence (3 min)
- Early script with hand-written, serial-killer-looking notes (78 pg PDF)
- Final script (81 pg PDF)
- Makeup Photo Album by Snow makeup artist Margo Paige (56 photos, 10 pg PDF)
- The official trailer (2 min)

  • Snow — Based on the Graphic Novel

    1h 17m

    Produced, directed, and adapted by Ryan Couldrey
    Original graphic novel by Benjamin Rivers
    Release date: October 27, 2014

  • Snow - Commentary

    1h 17m

    The film with commentary track. Featuring Ryan Couldrey (director, producer), Nina Iordanova (Dana), Kira Hall (Julia) and Benjamin Rivers (graphic novelist, writer). Probably NSFW, and don't believe everything you hear ;)

  • Do You Like Nachos? - Alt. Book Store Scene

    3m 30s

    Presenting an alternate reality where nachos and HALO could be the way to Dana's heart.

    Starring Nina Iordanova as Dana, and Benjamin Rivers as himself.

  • Blooper Reel

    7m 18s

    The cast and crew of 'Snow' is all business, all the time.

  • Makeup for B&W Cinema

    2m 54s

    What's different with makeup design for black and white film versus colour? Go behind the scenes of the cast makeup test with SNOW's hair and makeup artist, Margo Paige Allen, to find out.

  • Audition video - Kira Hall for Julia

    2m 25s

    Kira Hall's self-tape audition for the role of Julia. Parts of the two final scenes used in the film appear before Kira's self-tape.

  • Snow at the 2014 Toronto Comic Arts Festival


    Producer/director Ryan Couldrey, graphic novelist Benjamin Rivers, and actresses Nina Iordanova (Dana) and Kira Hall (Julia) spoke at a 2014 Toronto Comic Arts Festival panel called "Snow: Comics to Film". The process of translating a graphic novel to a film, what it was like shooting in terribly...

  • Alt. Opening Credits: In Colour!

    2m 55s

    What would SNOW have looked like in colour? Here's a version of the opening credit walk that gives you an idea! Colour-corrections were originally done specifically for black-and-white output, so colours might appear "off" and vary cut-to-cut as a result.

  • Snow — Trailer for the Feature Film

    1m 50s

    October 27, 2014

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